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Support Notes Application

Only 24.95 USD
Support Notes enables you to search saved notes using a keyword or a combination of keywords providing quick access to the relevant information. An option also allows the searched keyword[s] to be displayed in red within the selected note, making it easier for you locate the keywords that find the information you are looking for.

Access to the Support Notes application is restricted by a username and password. There are three levels of access associated with the username: admin, super user and normal which provide different levels of capabilities within the application.

Searching in Support Notes


Keyword search also goes one step further to offer the user the ability to build AND, OR capabilities to searches. To enable this the user simply separates the keywords with two special characters: + for AND, | for OR. For example a search such as "search + for + keywords" would mean that within the note title or note details all three keywords would need to found in order to return the results. An AND keyword search is shown in the above screen shot and the words "Pref" and "menu" are highlighted within the note in red - a configurable option.

Notes are associated with Categories. Categories can be restricted to individual users by the admin or super users. The categories are easily accessed from a drop down list. When a new category is selected the notes associated to the category are loaded.

Right click on a note title and a context menu is displayed. The first three menu items allow the notes to be ordered.

It is easy to add a note to your Outlook notes database - simply select the note, right click and choose the "Create Outlook Note..." menu option, it is even possible to select the note background colour. This feature is handly if you need to synchronise specific notes to your mobile device.

Right click menu

Double click a Note in a category to open it in a new window. This allows you to view the note information on top of all other open windows, making it easier for you to follow instructions. The transparity level of the window can also be defined when focus is on other windows.

Support Notes allows the adding / updating and deletion of URLs associated with the individual categories. Double click the URL and your default browser is loaded taking you to the site specified.

Notes can also be displayed in a content tree view where all categories and associated notes are viewable. The top most tree item displays the notes that have been added to the Support database in the last 30 days.

Share Notes easily with the sharing window. Simply select a note, right click and choose the "Share Note to Category" menu item. A new window is displayed showing all categories your username has access to - select the categories and click the OK button - the note is now shared allowing it to be viewed in another category. The sharing feature also allows administrator create read only notes - simply by having a category that only the administrator can view and then sharing the notes to other categories.

A rich text template can be assigned to a category enabling an auto-complete text every time a new note is created within the specified category. This feature is very useful when a standard format of the note is to be used in the details.

otes can be formatted in rich text to present information within the note as you choose.

A scratchpad within the Note screen to maintain snippets of text information. The scratchpad text is saved on the local pc and available when the user opens the application again.

System Tray Clipboard

Share Note

hilst Support Notes is running, the pc clipboard is monitored for text copied in all other applications and maintains the last 10 items of history. A preference option allows Support Notes to be minimised to the system tray and by left clicking on the Support Notes icon displays the clipboard text, right click the icon and Support Notes is maximised.