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Website Performance Monitoring Application

The WebSite Monitoring application allows you to monitor the performance, availability, and the stability of your website.  The application will test your website availability and response times at regular intervals of between 1 and 99 minutes which you define.   The website response times are recorded to file and database allowing you to graph the performance over a period of time to identify peak periods of poor performance.
A FREE online version of the website monitor is also available at www.webresponsemonitor.com

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Is your website alive right now?
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Audible Alerts

In the event of a website outage, the website monitoring application can be configured to raise an audible alarm giving you an instant notification of performance problems with your website.

Email Alerts

The website performance monitor can send email alerts if a slow site or outage is detected.  Up to five email addresses may be added into the website monitoring application, each configurable with individual thresholds. These thresholds are set to the number of minutes of site outage occurring before a notification email is sent.   With this facility the support team could be notified immediately of a poor performance or website outage, and you could be notified if the problem still exists after a number of minutes.

How frequently is your website running slowly, or even unavailable?
How reliable is your website service provider?
Mobile Phone SMS Alerts

The website performance monitor can send SMS alerts to mobile phones if a slow website, or a website outage is detected.  Up to five mobile phone numbers may be added into the website monitoring application. The SMS alerts work in the same way as the email alerts allowing you to notify different parties depending upon the poor performance or website outage.


The response times of each test by the website performance monitor are written to file and database allowing you to easily graph the website performance over a given period.  This can also help to identify website performance issues during peak periods where the site may run more slowly.  The website response time logging facility will also provide a complete record of website performance, or website outages during periods where it is not being actively monitored, or the SMS alerting has been disabled.

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