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Website Monitor Features

The website monitor is an application which runs on any desktop pc with a connection to the internet.  The monitor will continually attempt to retrieve pages from your website at intervals of between 1-99 minutes.  The response time of each test is recorded and measured against the alarm levels you have defined.  Is the response time exceeds the defined level then an alert is raised.  Key features include:

  • Audible alerts for website outage
  • Configurable alerting levels
  • Database or flat file logging of response times
  • Mobile phone SMS alerts
  • Notification of site outages by email
  • SMS/Email alerts for up to five different recipients
  • Bar chart for visual representation of response times
Website Performance Monitor
Website Performance Monitor Controls     
Website Monitor Control Panel

The control panel allows you to modify the settings of the monitor while it is running.

Test Interval, Alarm Thresholds, and Timeout

The test interval, which determines how frequently your website is tested, can be set between 1 and 99 minutes.  The alarm and warning thresholds are the maximum amount of time in seconds which a web page can take to load befor the monitor raises an alarm.   The timeout specifies how long the monitor should wait for a web page to return before attempting the test again.

Alarms & Alerts

The website monitor can be configured to generate an audible alarm in the event of a site outage.  Alerts can also be generated and set to mobile phones and email accounts.  Alerts can be sent to five different recipients, each with a configurable threshold outage time.

Summary Statistics

Records the average response time for the most recent thirty tests, and also the high and low timings since the monitoring began. A list of all website outages are recorder with their start and end timings.


Writes the response times of all the tests to a database or file.  This allows you to analyse, or graph the performance of your website over a period of time giving you a clearer picture of its overall performance.

Audible Alarm

In the event of a website outage or slow performance, and audible alarm will sound.  If the outage continues for a long period you can silence the alarm by hitting the reset button.  You can also request ab audible 'ping' when the website performance returns to normal.

Response Time Chart

A visual representation of the website performance for the most recent thirty tests.