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WebSite Performance Monitor Pricing

The WebSite Monitoring application may be downloaded free of charge.  The application may be freely distributed and installed on as many PCs as you wish.   The basic application will allow you to monitor the performance of any website for up to 30 minutes, after which time the monitoring frequency will drop to 99 minutes.   To continue monitoring a website at a frequency of as little as one 1 minute you must purchase a user key.

The user key will enable additional options such as email and SMS alerts, and can be purchased in any one of the following options:

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
No SMS 9.99 19.99 37.49 59.99
10 SMS Alerts * 11.48 24.46 46.43 77.87
50 SMS Alerts * 16.48 39.46 76.43 137.87
100 SMS Alerts * 20.98 52.96 103.43 191.87
250 SMS Alerts * 32.98 88.96 175.43 335.87
* This is the maximum number of SMS alerts per month.  Unused SMS alerts will not be carried over.

Purchase User Key

If you wish to purchase a user key, please supply the URL of the website to be monitored and a contact email adddress which will be used to send the user key PIN number.  The PIN number will be required when setting up the website monitoring application to monitor your website.

Enter the address of the website to be monitored

Enter the email address of your administrative contact