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New in this release of XerCom SiteMonitor

Latest Version: 1.0.19
Release Notes
This release includes a number of minor bug fixes and small enhancements.

Fixes in this release include: 'Internet connection not present' error when running on Windows ME;

Enhancements in this release include: SMS alerting; Database Logging;

System Requirements
Windows XP Home / XP Pro / 2000 Pro / ME / 98

Memory 256Mb

Updated Alerting

In this release we have added SMS alerting.  The website performance monitor can now send SMS alerts if a slow site or outage is detected.  Up to five mobile phone numbers may be added, each configurable with individual thresholds.  These thresholds are set to the number of minutes of site outage occurring before an SMS message is sent.  With this facility the support team could be notified immediately of a poor performance or website outage, and you could be notified if the problem still exists after a number of minutes.

SMS Alerting
Version Checker

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